Terms & Conditions

Website & App Development:

  1. Domain, business email & server is not included with any package.
  2. We need only one person from your end who can be the contact person for queries and other work so that no one is disturbed randomly on both sides.
  3. Extra features or multiple revisions will be done only after the completion of the project and charged separately on a per-hour basis if it is outside the scope of work.
  4. We would take the 100% payment in advance before starting the work. (If less than 20,000/-)
  5. The remaining payment should be completed within 10 days of the project started or on completion of the project, whichever the earlier. If the payment will not processed within time then GlobalDSiO can remove access of website OR Remove updated work of all time.
  6. We accept payment after final delivery. So If you found any changes OR Modification required then must have raise an issue before payment. Once payment is cleared then we do not accept any change OR Modification. Extra work is chargable.
  7. Payment will be not Refunded in any conditions.
  8. The organisation will start the work after receiving all details.
  9. If the server or domain is taken by the client, GlobalDSiO is not responsible for its management or renewal updates.
  10. Content and images to be uploaded on the website should be shared by the client.
  11. Training for managing an admin panel can happen only once, on any desk or at GlobalDSiO office.
  12. We will not be providing any code or admin panel access unless the service agreement is signed for the same before starting the project.
  13. The cost of the server will vary depending on the capacity and user traffic.
  14. In the future, if a client wants to transfer the server it will be charged separately on a per-hour basis. (we only will be able to provide files backup)
  15. We are not providing any code and full admin access. If however, you require the code then there will be an extra cost incurred. After providing the code and full admin access if any changes or technical issues are occurring from your end, we will not be held responsible for the same and the correction for that will involve costing on a per hour basis.
  16. We would require your logo in. Png or .Psd/.Ai formats.
  17. Payment can be done by direct bank transfer OR Paypal ( For International Clients ).
  18. Content and images for the website should be shared by the client.
  19. This quotation is valid only for 15 days from the date of creation.


  1. UPC related issues by the client, if you are a dealer.
  2. Email id to be created by us as you can assign us.
  3. Trademark should be there in correct class
  4. Documents & Details should be received first then we start the process of registering on a portal.
  5. Photos & Details of products required before work starts.
  6. One point of contact, from your office.
  7. We are working on platforms like Shopify, Wordpress / WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho.