The person in the seat next to me on the plane does not have both hands, give me another seat. Then what the airhostess did will touch the heart

A very beautiful woman got on the plane and looked around for her seat.

He saw that his seat was next to a man who did not have both hands.

So the woman was a little embarrassed to sit next to the man,

So the 'beautiful' woman called the airhostess and said that I could not travel comfortably on this seat.

And also said that the reason is that the person sitting in the seat next to me does not have both hands.

So the beautiful lady insisted on changing the seat to the airhostess, the air hostess also found this behavior totally awkward.

Still asked him Madam can you tell me the reason?

The beautiful woman replied that I do not like such people, so I can not travel sitting with such people.

The airhostess was shocked to hear this in the woman's mouth, even though she looked polite and polite.

The lady once again took a little weight and said to the airhostess, "I can't sit on this seat so let me arrange another seat."

The airhostess now looked all around in search of an empty seat, but no seat appeared empty.

The woman told the airhostess, "Madam, there are no more seats vacant in this economy class, but it is our responsibility to take care of them for the convenience of the passengers."

So I talk to the captain of the plane and tell you, sorry you have to be patient for a while. Having said that, the airhostess left.

After a while the airhostess came back and told the woman that Madam is very sorry for the inconvenience you are having.

There is only one seat vacant in this plane which is in first class, I have made an extraordinary decision by talking to our team. For the first time in the history of our company, it has been decided to send a passenger traveling in economy class in first class.

The beautiful lady was overjoyed to hear this, but still the airhostess went to the man in the seat next to the woman and politely asked, until she could express her reaction or say a word.

"Sir, can you go to first class?" Because we don't want you to be bothered traveling with a rude traveler. "

Upon hearing this, all the passengers who were sitting there applauded and welcomed the decision.

The man who had lost his arm stood up and said, "I am a former soldier." And I lost both my hands in an explosion during an operation.

First of all, when I listened to this woman, I was wondering what kind of people did I risk my life to lose my hand for?

And just saying that he went to first class.

The beautiful woman sat down on the seat with her head bowed in complete humiliation.

It is said that there is no value in such beauty if there is no generosity in the thoughts, by posting this story we hope you will also like this story very much.

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